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18 " 
Food by Marjorie Strider | Paintings Reproductions Pop Art Marjorie Strider |
18 "




Print on 100% cotton Art canvas use the latest printing technology to produce archival-quality textured cotton canvas prints that will give pleasure on your wall for a long time to come. Textured print gives to your painting reproduction a brushstroke/texture effect, which gives incredible look of a real oil canvas masterpiece. use only the most modern and efficient printing technology on our 100% cotton canvas 400Gsm, based on the Giclee printing procedure. This innovative high-resolution printing technique results in durable and spectacular looking prints of the highest quality. only uses the highest quality inks, with extreme UV resistance. Your artwork will hold its beautiful colors for up to 75 years!
Textured print perfectly suits for Fine Art reproductions! Team suggest to orderacrylic print for colorful,familly and modernphotos.

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  • Print on 100% cotton Art canvas
  • PrintTextured [{B-AE3N5X}]
  • Dim(18 x 18 inches (46 x 46 cm))
  • FRAME(2018HK)
  • Shipping(Slow)
  • GlossyTextured
  • DC(HVTHR15)
  • Food
  • Discount of -10 USD on the print
  • Worldwide DHL/Fedex Shipping
  • Canvas mounted on wooden frame and with wooden painted outer frame
  • Total:226 USD

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Worldwide shipping

Average delivery time by DHL/Fedex is one week based on your location. Average delivery time by Slow post is 10-30 days. (Slow Post is available only for package less than 20 inches) We will sent you the tracking code after framing, packaging and shipping.

Textured Canvas

The brushstrokes effect is an extra feature that adds even more realism to the giclee canvas print. The result is a rich textured relief similar to the one found in the original oil painting.

Textured cotton canvas glossy [5 USD]; Cotton canvas glossy (free); Cotton canvas Matt not textured (free); Paper Matt not textured (free)

Gift Service

Gift wrap + Gift card with your message. (After submitting your order, write the Gift Message trough the links sent in the order confirmation)

Total: 226 USD